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Registered Charity 1125170

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...Est: 1974

UPDATE: In line with Government and Swim England guidance our standard swim sessions are currently suspended until further notice. 


We are offering bookable, small group, teacher-led activities. When available, these will be advertised on our new online bookings page, with details on how to book (debit card required).

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Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy

Scarborough Disabled Swimming Group is affiliated with Halliwick AST and supports the use of the Halliwick Concept (formally ‘Method’), as a means of teaching swimming to disabled people.


The Halliwick Concept

James McMillan (‘Mac’) devised the Halliwick Concept of teaching swimming in 1949, whilst working with 12 girls from the Halliwick School for Crippled Girls in Enfield, North London.  It is from this school that the Concept takes its name.


The Concept is based on known scientific principles of hydrostatics, hydrodynamics and body mechanics.  It has proved to be safely applicable to people of all ages, both those with disabilities and those without.


Swimmers are taught the water properties of upthrust, turbulence and impedance to movement are studied, together with metacentric effects.  They are made familiar with all conceivable body rotations and learn how to initiate, control and inhibit such rotations at will without floatation aids. The end product is a secure swimmer whose confidence is based upon sound knowledge of water and the ability to control his/her own movements in water.



As part of SDSG’s commitment to the Halliwick Concept we will consider funding any SDSG: volunteer; family member; or carer to attend the Foundation Course in Halliwick. If you would like to know more, please just ask!

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