As a user led membership charity you will need to join before attending one of our swim sessions and activities. 


Membership is open to anyone of any age with a disability and anyone aged 50 and over. 


SDSG believes in the holistic approach to support, therefore, each paid up member can bring their family, carer(s) or a friend with them (subject to entry fees), as long as they complete a membership form or are listed on a multi companion form.  

Once you have paid your annual membership*: you will be provided with a booking password to enable online bookings. 

Note: Membership is not confirmed until your first swim session, subject to any additional questions. 


Each household (or individually if in supported living/care home) pays an annual membership fee, which is due upon joining and in January each year.  See downloads for example costs depending on your situation. 

Annual Membership: £8.00* (subsidised)


There are also session/activity entry fees to help pay costs such as: pool hire, lifeguards, volunteer training and equipment costs. 

Swim Entry Adult: from £4.50 (subsidised)

Swim Entry Child: from £3.00 (subsidised)

Children under five enter free of charge.


If you are in financial hardship, you may wish to contact your Social Worker. Subject to eligibility, it is possible to include the cost of attending SDSG swim sessions in your care plan / Direct Payments / Personnel Health Budget. Depending on your disability, some charities also provide grants for health and fitness activities. 

*If you are a tax payer we can claim back the tax paid on your membership fee, an additional 25% through Gift Aid. Please complete a declaration or a Gift Aid Envelop during one of our sessions. 


To help keep you safe, every person in the pool must have completed and returned a membership form. 

Each person with a disability or health condition must complete a Health Membership Form and answer questions about their health. All other swimmers must be listed and have signed a Companion Multi-Carer/Family Form confirming their details. 

This is an insurance requirement and they must be reviewed regularly to ensure they remain up to date. 


Member Health Form


Multi Carer / Family Form




Gift Aid Declaration


Membership Scenario Examples


Completed forms can be brought with you to a SDSG swim session or emailed to

Alternatively, forms can be posted to us


To avoid a queue in reception, membership forms can be completed at home and sent to us in advance. 


Alternatively, membership forms can be brought with you  or you can complete them at Scarborough Sports Village before you go swimming. 


This is the process if completing the forms before attending:

1 - Download a membership health form from our website or request a printed form to be posted to you. Including a companion form if a friend, carer or family member is coming swimming with you, along with a Gift Aid form if you are a tax payer and wish to increase your donations by 25% through Gift Aid. 


2 - Return the membership form(s) by email to, please take a picture of the forms using your phone. Alternatively, please print the completed form(s) and bring it with you to your first swim session. 


3 - Pay your annual membership online

4 - Once you have paid your annual membership online you will be emailed your booking password to enable you to book SDSG swim activities online. Prior booking is essential to avoid disappointment. 

5 - Depending on your disability or health condition we may need to ask you some more questions at your first swim session before becoming a member.

Note: please contact us if you struggle with doing things online and don't have a family friend or support worker to help you. You can just walk in on the day, however, there may not be space for you to go swimming. 


Once you have completed your membership form(s) or if you are already a member, you can pay your Annual Membership quickly and easily online by clicking "BOOK NOW" below:

If your health or contact details have changed, you will need to complete and return a new membership form before booking your next swim session/activity. 

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