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Are you a local businesses owner or a fundraising group? Can you help us?


Did you know 1 in 5 people in England and Wales have a disability?


The Borough of Scarborough has one of the highest concentration of people with a disability in England and it is the most deprived area in North Yorkshire*. 

We believe everyone should be able to learn to swim and enjoy the life long benefits of swimming, but we can't do this alone. 


We rely on the support of local businesses, voluntary organisations and support groups to develop and sustain our work. 


Corporate social responsibility is all about organisations playing their responsible part in society and giving back to society, and a big part of that is fundraising and supporting worthy causes. 

May this be:

  • Offering your services or products free of charge to the charity (pro-bono) or at a reduced rate. 

  • Promoting SDSG on your premises, may that be a banner outside, including the charities logo on your newsletters/promotional material or displaying our posters inside. 

  • Displaying SDSG's charity donation tubs by your tills. 

  • Donating stationary to SDSG, eg reams of paper, toner cartridges, note pads, pens or clipboards. 

  • Allowing your staff to volunteer for the charity in work time. 

  • Share our social media posts.

  • Enable your customers to donate to SDSG in person or via your website.  

  • Referring your clients / customers to SDSG. 

  • Putting your staff on disability awareness courses. 

  • Sponsoring an event, a number of swim sessions or piece of equipment at SDSG. 

  • Offering room hire free of charge for SDSG meetings, events or training.  

  • Fundraising for SDSG. Eg bring a pound to work day. 

Every little helps!

Business Owner
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