Scarborough Disabled Swimming Group (SDSG) commits to the principles of good practice in this Charter and aspires to incorporate them into our volunteering practice

Equality and Diversity

- Volunteering is open to all and volunteers are treated with fairness​


- Travel to external events and any other agreed out of pocket expenses are reimbursed


Organisational Involvement

- Volunteers are introduced to and integrated in the work and ethos of the organisation

Personal Development

- Identified needs are met by relevant training and development opportunities

Recruitment Process

- Recruitment procedures are fair, efficient and consistent


Resolving Difficulties

- Volunteers are aware of how to raise a concern and how it will be handled


Reward and Recognition

- The organisation expresses its appreciation of the volunteers’ contributions


Safe Environment

- The physical and emotional risks of volunteering are identified, minimized and covered by adequate insurance


- A named supervisor ensures ongoing support appropriate to need

Coast and Vale Community Action (CaVCA)




The Disability Action Alliance is a cross sector network of organisations committed to making a difference to the lives of disabled people.


 A society in which the contribution of disabled people as volunteers is valued and volunteering opportunities are widely available on an equal and accessible basis.




 To increase the number, value and accessibility of opportunities for disabled people to volunteer their time, skills and experience.






       As an organisation SDSG will:

  • Provide opportunities for disabled people to volunteer 

  • Promote the value of volunteering to disabled people as a positive experience 

  • Set out and agree a structure for each volunteering opportunity 

  • Provide a named point of contact

  • Provide appropriate support, make reasonable adjustments and reimburse reasonable expenses 

  • Undertake regular reviews to support personal development

  • Provide a reference wherever appropriate.        


  In return we expect our volunteers to:          

  • Embrace the values of our organisation

  • Be responsible and professional

  • Provide a full commitment

  • Be open about what they want from the volunteering role and their support needs.                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Pledge: 15/05/2016