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    Aqua-Sensory In 2020 state of the art sensory provision was installed at Scarborough Sports Village through the partnership work and external funding secured by SDSG Where did it all start? In 2019 the charity secured external funding to bring specialist aqua sensory equipment to the Borough of Scarborough here at Scarborough Sports Village. The main funder was Sirius Minerals Foundation who in 2020 enabled us to install state of the art: image projectors, colour changing lights, interactive floating buttons, moving image projectors, apply specialist window film and a specialist control system to enable our Swim Teachers to create a sensory environment to suit their activity. May that be an in water disco for adults and children, Aqua-fit, Aqua-relax, a baby and toddler water exploration class, or activities for older children and adults, including an all age disco. ​ ​ Who else was involved? ​ Other funders included: The Proundfoot Group, Scarborough and Locals Together (SALT), Scarborough Buffs, Scarborough 41 Club and many others. ​ The project is in partnership with Everyone Active and Scarborough Borough Council to ensure as many local residents can benefit from the equipment as possible, particualy, those who many not normaly attend general swim sessions. The equipment was installed by Premier Solutions in 2020. Overview Video Accessible Swimming - click to watch SIGNUP BOOK NOW What our members thought “This will make a huge difference to my daughter who has a severe learning disability, it has meant the whole family can join in something together” ​ “It’s like swimming with dolphins and I like the music” A member from York said: “I’m going to make sure I tell other families about this as we’ve nothing like this in our area” ​ "Its fantastic that SDSG has installed this equipment for all to enjoy" ​ "Hopefully my son's school will book sessions with the equipment during the week with Everyone Active" ​ Previous Page Next Page ​

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    Merchandise SDSG has a range of merchandise for members to purchase, all funds raised are reinvested in the charity and in many cases, goes towards purchasing extra equipment and coaching toys. What is available: Member T-Shirt (available in various colours with a vinyl SDSG Logo) Zipped and Standard Hoodies (available in various colours, with the individuals name on the back in vinyl, with an embroidered SDSG logo on front) Drawstring bag (in black with a vinyl SDSG logo on the front) Flat cap (in black with a SDSG embroidered logo) ​ Beanie Hat (available in various colours with a SDSG embroidered logo, with or without a bobble) ​ Rucksack (available in various colours, with an embroidered SDSG logo) Sports Bag (available in various colours with an embroidered SDSG logo) Canvas Shopper (Plain fabric/natural with a SDSG logo) ​ Towels (with an embroidered logo, different sizes and colours available subject to stock) ​ ​ ORDER ONLINE *COMMING SOON* *All merchandise is subject to availability and change. ​ *All orders take a minimum of two weeks and should be collected from a SDSG swim session at Scarborough Sports Village ( remember your receipt)

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    Synergy Dance® Outreach SDSG's new partnership to help increase home exercise inlight of COVID-19 restrictions Together we can SDSG are pleased to have partnered with Synergy Dance® Outreach to provide a range of FREE inclusive online yoga, meditation and dance programmes for children, teens, adults and seniors. ​ Synergy Dance® Outreach is a registered charity (1180506) that aims to promote lifelong participation in dance and fitness and to reach all levels of fitness, ability and background – through their work in schools, leisure centres, outreach programs and funded charity work for under-represented or inactive groups. Learn more about their work Accessibility The online yoga and dance programmes are designed for: ​ Special Needs including Autism & Cerebral Palsy Visually Impaired and Blind The Disability Community Long Term Health Conditions The elderly Synergy Video FAQs - Synergy Dance ® Outreach How to Signup To access the FREE classes follow the link below to register. *When registering please ensure that you add “SDSG ” after your surname to ensure you are provided with appropriate access. Access - Synergy Dance ® Outreach Testimonials Sophia Scott – ParaStars Yoga® Testimonial “My daughter Gracie suffers from ASD and often has meltdowns when bored or frustrated. Your SEN Yoga classes have added structure to her evenings and given her a sense of calm before bed. I look forward to seeing what other classes you offer soon. I would be keen to see SEN dance for children.” Sophia Scott ​ ​ ​ Deborah StJohn – Senior ParaStars Yoga® Testimonial ​ “I am a carer and I have been doing the senior ParaStars Yoga with some of my clients and they are loving it, adding some exercise and fun to their days on my daily visits. It’s nice to see them smiling and moving around.” Deborah StJohn ​ ​ Kathryn – Visually Impaired Yoga & Dance Testimonial “I’ve been doing some of the visually impaired @synergydanceout yoga and dance classes through @britblindsport and my 8 year old has been joining in too – would definitely recommend them as really accessible, fun sessions.” @MadeWithMusic1 – Twitter ​ Scarborough Disabled Swimming Group in partnership with Synergy Dance® and Synergy ParaStars Yoga®. Become a SDSG member Access - Synergy Dance ® Outreach

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    SWIM DATES Our sessions follow a fortnightly rhythm on a Saturday evening normally between 06:00 and 7:30pm. ​ Booking is required to avoid disappointment. If you are not a member yet please sign up via the membership page. 2022 AGM Monday 7th March 2022 7:00pm Westborough Methodist Church 2022 Swim Poster PRICES ​ The table shown is an indication of the activities that may be available. To view those that are currently available please refer to ​ SDSG Membership and online booking required. ​ Prices and time table subject to change without notice. SIGNUP RENEW MEMBERSHIP BOOK NOW

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    SOCIAL PRESCRIBING Social prescribing enables GPs, nurses and other primary care professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services to support their health and wellbeing. What is Social Prescribing? Social prescribing, also sometimes known as community referral, is a means of enabling health professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services. The referrals generally, but not exclusively, come from professionals working in primary care settings, for example, GPs or practice nurses. ​ Recognising that people’s health and wellbeing are determined mostly by a range of social, economic and environmental factors , social prescribing seeks to address people’s needs in a holistic way. It also aims to support individuals to take greater control of their own health. ​ Schemes delivering social prescribing can involve a range of activities that are typically provided by voluntary and community sector organisations. Examples include volunteering, arts activities, group learning, gardening, befriending, swimming, cookery, healthy eating advice and a range of sports. ​ Social prescribing is designed to support people with a wide range of social, emotional or practical needs, and many schemes are focused on improving mental health and physical wellbeing. Those who could benefit from social prescribing schemes include people with mild or long-term mental health problems, people with complex needs, people who are socially isolated and those with multiple long-term conditions who frequently attend either primary or secondary health care. The Well-being Partnership Age Uk Scarborough & District is working with Advocacy Alliance and Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale Mind to provide the Social Prescribing contract across the Scarborough, Filey and Ryedale South areas. ​ Following a referral from your GP or health professional, a link worker from The Well-being Partnership is assigned to help people access local sources of support. ​ Link workers are funded through the local Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to provide this service. How does SDSG fit in? A GP can refer their patient to a link worker (The Well-being Partnership) who then works with the patient to find suitable activities and prescribes them. A social prescription is granted in the form of a referral to a local service provider or community group. They will also help you register with SDSG. ​ Scarborough Disabled Swimming Group is an approved service provider for social prescriptions. ​ Membership and entry fees apply. ​ ​ More information CONTACT US VISIT: THE KINGS FUND VISIT: AGE UK Or speak to your GP.

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    FEEDBACK PAGE We'd Love To Know What You Think, This Is Your Swimming Group! Rate Us Don’t love it Not great Good Great Love it Rate Us We'd Love To Know What You Think First Name Last Name How is our website? Poor Fair Good Very good Excellent How is our website? How did you find online booking? Poor Fair Good Very good Excellent How did you find online booking? How are our swim sessions? Poor Fair Good Very good Excellent How are our swim sessions? How are our Volunteers? Poor Fair Good Very good Excellent How are our Volunteers? I agree to SDSG's terms & conditions View here. Send Feedback Thanks for your feedback!

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    SWIM SKILLS EXERCISE BOOKLET You have free access to this document through your membership with Scarborough Disabled Swimming Group Arrow The QR codes will give you access to further online material, such as exercise videos. Simply use your phone camera to link to it. Visit SDSG Home Return to Swim Strokes Online Terms & Conditions All Rights Reserved

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    NASCH DISTANCE BADGE & WATER SKILLS AWARD SCHEME A points based scheme to enable anyone to learn and develop in swimming Distance Badge Members can earn badges for swimming set distances freestyle or using one of the four main swim strokes: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and front crawl. Certificates and badges are awarded at our annual presentation in December each year. ​ To find out more about the scheme please click and watch the video on this page or speak to one of our volunteer swim teachers during a SDSG swim session. ​ Many swimmers pursue badges while also undertaking NASCH Water Skills or our Stroke Development Awards . ​ ​ Contact Us Water Skills Skills required for safety, water confidence and competence are split progressively into skills: ​ Skills 1 to 20, cover early water confidence skills Skills 21 to 40 cover more advanced skills and propulsion Skills are also graded according to the amount of support required. These are termed stages. ​ Points are awarded for learning different skills and for increasing independence. Badges are awarded according to the number of points earned and not necessarily upon completing all skills (which can be at diffing stages) depending on the affect of a person's disability. ​ Swimmers can then progress onto our Water Safety Awards and / or Stroke Development to continue their swim journey. Contact Us Other Awards Swim Strokes Water Safety Swim Skills Exercise