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Scarborough District
Children & Young People’s Fund



During the pandemic crisis, poor mental health and wellbeing in children & young people in the Scarborough District has become an increasing concern.


In response, the Scarborough District Children & Young People’s fund has provided money to enable SDSG to deliver aquatic activities to promote good mental health and wellbeing for children and their parents for one year, entry free. 

Swim England state:

"Being active has a positive impact on mental health including: improving mood, increasing self-esteem, lowers the risk of depression, slows dementia and cognitive decline, improves sleep and reduces stress.

What is on offer?

In the small pool SDSG is providing access to:

- SDSG's toys and equipment

- State of the art aqua-sensory lighting

- Trained assistants will be on hand to organise games and activities 

In addition to this, the children and young people will be able to influence the games and activities being organised and together will have £500 to spend on new equipment and toys. 

It will also be FREE ENTRY* for children, young people and parents. 

* Annual Membership Required. 

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