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A points based scheme to enable anyone to learn and develop in swimming

Distance Badge

Members can earn badges for swimming set distances freestyle or using one of the four main swim strokes: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and front crawl.


Certificates and badges are awarded at our annual presentation in December each year. 

To find out more about the scheme please click and watch the video on this page or speak to one of our volunteer swim teachers during a SDSG swim session. 

Many swimmers pursue badges while also undertaking NASCH Water Skills or our Stroke Development Awards.  

Water Skills

Skills required for safety, water confidence and competence are split progressively into skills:

  • Skills 1 to 20, cover early water confidence skills

  • Skills 21 to 40 cover more advanced skills and propulsion


Skills are also graded according to the amount of support required. These are termed stages.

Points are awarded for learning different skills and for increasing independence.


Badges are awarded according to the number of points earned and not necessarily upon completing all skills (which can be at diffing stages) depending on the affect of a person's disability. 

Swimmers can then progress onto our Water Safety Awards and / or Stroke Development to continue their swim journey. 

Other Awards

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