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Welcome to SDSG

Accessible swim session & extension activites for people of all ages with a disability, their families and also anyone aged 50+

Aerobic Class in Pool


Join our exercise based aquatic activities run by our qualified aquafit Instructor, combining general swimming and exercise to improve movement and mobility.


There are loads of benefits to giving our aquacise classes a go. Not only will it help you burn off extra calories, but it does it in a way that’s gentle on your joints. This means you won’t hurt as much afterwards and will also help with all sorts of other fitness targets.


These include improving your flexibility and range of movement, as well as helping to fend off osteoporosis.

As well as giving you a fantastic workout, aqua classes are a great way to meet new people. Meanwhile, the exercises themselves are great fun and our instructors go the extra mile to ensure everyone in the class has a great time.

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All Age Aqua-Sensory

Which can include fluid movements, relaxation, music, singing, signing and discovery play.  There are activities for children, adults and the whole family. 

We have installed state of the art visual and audio equipment and have a team of dedicated volunteers and qualified Swim Teachers, many of whom have undertaken further professional development in water therapy and sensory play. 

SDSG is affiliated to the Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy. 

Learner: Informal

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Aqua-sensory lighting in small pool at Scarborough Sports Village
Happy family at pool
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General Swimming

Are you looking for a general swim and a chat with fellow members, then look no further! 

We have various floats and specialist equipment on hand to make your swim extra special. 

NASCH Distance Badge & Water Skills Award Scheme

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The scheme is points based and is extremely flexible to accommodate our informal learners and a vast array of disabilities. 

Everyone can learn a life skill!

NASCH Affiliation and Registration No: 924

Learner: Informal / Semi formal

Woman Swimming in Pool

Timing and Stroke Development Awards

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Are you looking to improve your swimming technique or wish to complete that width or length a bit faster? 

Our volunteers are on hand to time you, we also have qualified Swim Teachers available to provide advice and guidance.  For adults and children of all abilities.  

Learner: Semi-formal & Adapted

Special Olympics 

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Members with an intellectual disability* have the opportunity to continue their development through Special Olympics (SO) GB.


We currently have a team of six Special Olympic Athletes who travel the region to compete in competitions and events.

Registered club with Special Olympics GB

Learner: Semi formal / Adapted

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Swimming Laps
Family Activity

Rockhopper Series

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The Rockhopper series is an exciting programme consisting of 9 awards which introduce children/young people with disabilities to the joy of water. The award scheme is aimed at our semi-formal and adapted learners. 


The series develops water confidence and water skills as well as increasing water safety awareness and knowledge. 


The lessons* take place alongside our fortnightly swim session, so children/young people can enjoy some "free time" before or after their lesson. The lessons themselves are small, bite-sized lessons of 20 minutes. 

Children/young people will work with a Swim Teacher in small groups to learn the skills necessary to earn their awards.

If you are interested in these lessons please let us know.

*Separate fees apply

Family Activity

Family Aquatic Activities

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We have joined forces with the Williams Family Fund to be able to offer family activities in the small pool with low cost entry from £2.00.  Our swim teachers are on hand lead various progressive games and activities promoting:

  • Water confidence

  • Aquatic skills

  • Mental wellbeing 

  • Team Building

  • Co-ordination

Supporting children to progress onto and develop through the Learn to Swim Penguin Series Award Scheme.   

Book online today! 

Learner: Informal / Semi formal

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Cute Toddler in Pool
Family Activity
Over a cup of tea

Swim & Natter

As part of our winter offer, why not have a swim and a chat over a hot drink after our fortnightly swim session. 

Hot drinks are donation only.


All ages welcome.  Book online today! 

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Accessible Facilities

Ample disabled parking, two accessible changing rooms with shower changing beds, open plan village changing cubicles, Pool Pod Platform. Plus lots lots more. 

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Over 50 Swimming

Swimming in any form is great exercise. Not only is it a whole-body workout, but thanks to the extra resistance of water, you’re building strength and boosting your cardio fitness at the same time. The buoyancy offered by the water means you’re less likely to hurt yourself and makes it ideal if you’re recovering from injury or returning to exercise after a long lay-off.

These sessions are also a great opportunity to meet up with friends, socialise and get active together. Not only does this make them great for your physical wellbeing, but your mental health as well.

Professional Swimmer
Students Sitting on Staircase


We are currently offering Aquatic Helper Placements for young people aged 16+ to gain experience and skills working with people with SEND.  Placements normally last 8 swim sessions, where you will have the opportunity to carry out various roles within the charity and complete the STA Aquatic Helper Award. 

To be able to offer this short project we received a Magic Little Grant through the partnership between Localgiving and Postcode Neighbourhood Trust. 

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Good Boost

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Good Boost provides accessible therapeutic exercise programmes, through cutting-edge technology.

SDSG has purchased a waterproof tablet and with the kind support of Good Boost gained access to their range of rehabilitation programmes. Which are designed to be beneficial and fun for people with a wide range of MSK conditions, including arthritis and back pain. 

Putting on Goggles




Adjusting Goggles



Yoga Instructor



Multiracial couple attending water aerobics class in a swimming pool.jpg

Accessing Aquacise & Beyond


Our all age Aquacise class is for young people and adults wishing to get back into swimming and aquatic exercise.  Each class will be tailored to those in each cohort of five classes.  Classes include:

  • aqua-aerobics

  • stretching

  • developing water skills

  • improving water confidence

One of the great benefits is that you can go at your own level, without any pressure to push yourself too hard. You can gradually work harder each session and take a brief break when needed.  Each time you attend, you’ll be building up your stamina and, importantly, your confidence.

Other benefits:

  • Fun & social

  • Aqua-aerobics lowers your heart rate compared to exercise out of the water

  • Great for burning fat & calories

  • Low impact for joints

  • Good for lowering stress levels

  • Low cost activity

  • Attend with friends/family

  • Small class sizes

Aquati Activities


We are offering a range of fitness based activities in the sport hall, multi use room and gym, which will meet a varied range of needs and learning styles


These may include: traditional garden games (such as qouits), yoga, badminton, instructor led gym activities, chair based exercises, aerobics, group cycling and  Good Boost classes to name a few. 

Members will have input into the activities being delivered: with the aim of improving fitness, confidence and engagement in regular exercise. 

 We are also looking for volunteers to help deliver these activities and support members to get the most out of these opportunities. To find out more please visit our Volunteer page. 

To view or book our current I.Active classes click "Book Now"

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Indoor Zumba Class
Swimming Victory

I.SWIM Water Safety Awards

With around 48 percent of children in England, leaving primary school (Key Stage 2) unable to swim, we want to ensure that children with a disability (and their siblings) have the opportunity to keep themselves safe in and around water.

Swimming isn't just about being able to have fun in the water with family and friends (although it is and you should!). Its about knowing what to do if someone gets into trouble. 

You will also learn key water skills, such as, floatation and treading water. Plus much more!

For our adaptive learners, our swim teachers are there to support you in your learning and assesses you against the award scheme.  

Supported by local schools. 

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From time to time we offer the opportunity for children with SEND to work towards The Learn to Swim Awards through a series of adapted lessons.

The Awards are divided into 7 progressive stages. They make up the core, national syllabus of learning to swim for primary school aged children.

They are designed to reward your child for their development of the essential aquatic skills they need to be confident, competent and safe in the water.

Should a child not meet the Learn to Swim Award criteria within the series of classes, we will endeavour to match their progression to another award scheme.  

To access these classes you must be a member of SDSG and be regularly attending our main fortnightly swim session.  

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Cute Girl in Pool
Sporty female swimmer in pool

I.DEVELOP Adult Swimming 

From time to time we offer the opportunity for young people and adults with SEND to work towards The Swim England Adult Swimming Framework through a series of adapted lessons

The Adult Swimming Framework is about improving confidence, technique and safety in the water, with no age limit.

Not everyone is able to reach their potential in the water during their school years. This is where swimming lessons using our Adult Swimming Framework can help.

Around 30% of adults in the UK can’t swim a length. Yet, one quarter of adult non-swimmers would like to learn how.

Adults have very different needs to children when learning to swim – as an adult, you have different motivations and learn in different ways.

Our Adult Swimming Framework takes this into account, providing goals and targets suitable for those aged 16+.

To access these classes you must be a member of SDSG and be regularly attending our main fortnightly swim session.  

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Anchor 2

I.SWIM Aqua Sensory

Our weekday aqua sensory sessions are a great opportunity for children with SEND to explore the water and build water confidence with their family, in a calm environment, with a unique ambience created by our sensory lighting and sounds.

An Everyone Active qualified swim teacher will be on hand to provide advice and guidance from poolside.

​Each session will be aimed at a different age range, to ensure as many families can benefit from these sessions as possible. Come and join us!

Learner: Informal

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Aqua-sensory multi colour.jpg


This is a series of soft play sessions aimed at children  with SEND, as part of our I.Active programme.

Each class is aimed at a specific age range, please click "book now" to see what age range is currently on offer. 


Children and parents come together to explore, play and interact. 

Learner: Informal

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